Custom Homes in Burleson, Texas

A home is a purchase you will have to live with for a very long time. Make sure you’re getting exactly what you want with custom homes from Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc. in Burleson, Texas.


At Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc., we specialize in designing and constructing custom homes for homebuyers who want nothing short of their dream home. Our custom homes feature engineered foundations with PE-stamped drawings and a letter of certification signed by our professional engineer. Homes and construction projects are inspected on a regular basis by certified, professional engineers to ensure that quality is maintained throughout every step of construction. 

Ceilings & Walls

Every home we create is set up with a compacted foundation pad, per ASTM D 698, with 2 x 6 exterior walls, providing room for R-19 insulation and a much stronger home exterior. Walls are made from 1/2” drywall and ceilings are composed of 5/8” drywall sheeting. In wet areas of the home, we use WP Greenrock™, Hardi-backer™ concrete board, or Wonder Board™ for maximum resilience and durability.

Weather Protection

We secure each home with metal hurricane strapping on all rafters to provide roof stabilization during extreme storms, as well as steel joist hangers to provide additional ceiling joist and weight-bearing strength. As an option, we also provide home lightning protection systems to keep you and yours safe from nature’s fury. Each house we build also features a well-known exterior house wrap from DuPont™ called "Tyvek”™. Tyvek is used on our custom homes’ exteriors to establish the best weather infiltration barriers available, shedding water and reducing air infiltration.

Safe Rooms

As an option, we provide a tornado-proof family-protection storm shelter and family-security safe room. Typically, this involves constructing the master bedroom closet to function in this capacity for easy access to protect owners in the event of tornadoes or home invasion.
We also provide stand-alone storm shelters to be installed in the garage, on the patio, or in any large room.  We welcome input from our customers concerning any storm shelter installation.


For a better view on the world, we install decorative, oversized 8 1/2” window sills with crown-molding rather than flat, under-window trim. These window designs look better than standard windows, both inside and out.


Garage Doors

Vehicles are getting bigger all the time, it seems. Our custom homes now come standard with 8’ garage doors rather than traditional 7’ doors to accommodate newer, larger vehicles, like king-sized pickups and SUVs.


One of the biggest hassles about keeping your home’s exterior looking great is getting water in all directions of your property. To overcome this obstacle, we install no fewer than four functional exterior water frost-free spigots on every house we construct.

Specialized Building

At Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc., we also design and construct small or large out buildings including RV Ports and Safe Rooms in residential and commercial buildings. We now offer design and construction services for RV ports and detached garages on your site complete with built-in storm shelters. We also design and build large or small barns with tornado-proof rooms.  With the owners' input, we can engineer and build interior and exterior storm shelters for RV parks to protect the employees and customers.

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