Custom Construction & Storm Shelters in Burleson, Texas

Custom Homes

Come home to the place you always dreamed you’d one day live. Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc. specializes in designing and constructing custom homes to provide individuals and families with their ideal, picture-perfect house.

Safe Rooms

Be ready for anything imaginable with safe rooms from Jim’s Custom Homes. We construct storm shelters to keep you safe from tornadoes, extreme weather, and home invaders. Don’t wait until it’s too late to give your family the perfect back-up plan.


Call on our network of valued business associates whenever you need services done right. We have worked with those in our network for years, and we highly recommend them to all our customers.

Contact Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc. in Burleson, Texas, to request a consultation for any service.

About Us

Provide for your family’s well-being and safety with storm shelters and custom construction services from Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc. in Burleson, Texas. We specialize in designing and constructing custom homes as well as tornado-proof safe rooms, to protect against extreme weather and home invaders. After 20 years in business, we still take pride in providing people with peace-of-mind, safety in the face of imminent danger, and custom construction that delivers everything they have ever wanted in a home.